Our Team

Our Team


He hails from IIT Kharagpur from where he has completed his B.Tech. He has taught in Super 30 under the guidance of DGP of Bihar, Shri Abhayanand Sir. He was lucky enough to teach Ayush Sharma who qualified for MIT in 2014. He has had an offer from Capital Dynamics in Singapore. He is a quintessential force behind MIITJEE. Nothing less than an experienced master of Chemistry. He is known and respected among students as well as faculty fraternities for his prowess in the subject. He regularly inspires the students to overcome their mental blocks towards Chemistry and simplifies the subject to an extent that it often becomes the student’s favorite subject. He is known among the students for his grit and unique style of teaching. He is a motivator and man behind many success stories. He always keeps his lectures very lively and after attending even a single session any student may feel the difference of his teaching uniqueness. He is an aspiring leader with the heart of a teacher and mind of a trailblazer. His own rise from ordinary to extraordinary has made him one of the best motivators and counselors aspiring for success in competitive exams and in life thereafter.

2.RANJIT SINGH (HOD Mathematics)

Ranjit Singh belongs to a farmer family. His family background is quiet humble and he is a self-made man. From being a topper of IIT KGP to the South East Asia chief of a renowned German company, he achieved all this by his hard work and determination. He started his teaching career as help to his dear friend. In 2006, his student bagged AIR 06 in IIT JEE and he became a household name in Orissa. Worked as centre in charge of Resonance and Allen he participated in all the top ranks produced by these coaching institutes over the years. In 2015, his classroom student bagged AIR 05 then he met Vikram Aditya in a felicitation program organized by a Bombay based newspaper. He is regarded as master teacher of mathematics, trained numerous teachers and students alike in this country. Vikram Aditya regards him as the best teacher of Chemistry he ever met. He is an expert of RMO and IMO, already wrote a book for it and very much fond of the world’s toughest Olympiad China TSR. He was awarded the tag of The Grand master in the year 2010.His former assignments include Centre in charge of Resonance Kolkata and Centre in charge Allen Ahmedabad.


Vikram Aditya popularly known as VA belongs to a family of intellectuals. His father being a research scientist at IISC Banglore and Mother, former Dean of BHU, a PhD when only very few women were allowed to go for higher education. With an IRS sister and a doctor brother at Yale University working as a resident surgeon, he took his early education at home, trained by his mother herself. Twice qualified for IIT JEE and then inspired by his father he joined the contemporary teaching industry namely IIT JEE Coaching. Luck stroke and hard work came into play in the year of 2007 when the first student of his classroom got AIR 08 in IIT JEE. But that was the first of series of following successes in this field. The success was noticed more when a girl of his classroom got AIR 01 among girl in 2010. Then came the year 2015, when one of the classroom students got AIR 02 in IIT JEE. Following years in 2016 and 2017 his students bagged AIR 01 in IIT Bombay Zone and he was termed as The Grand Master by a leading newspaper of Bombay. He is the co-author of an international edition “ Contemporary Physics problem solving methods for IPHO” with Jaan Kalda – an Estonian national and member of IPHO Committee and Renato Brito – a Brazilian national and ITA scholar published by Amazon.com and about to hit the market in first half of 2020.